Synchronize your properties with

The solution in a click for managing your properties on

Synchronize your properties with

We have developed for the owners the solution for synchronizing availability, price-lists and reservations for your properties with and for collecting deposit and balance for your reservations on credit cards.
By using our VRBookings Owner's Area you will be able to manage your properties in an easy and simple way, avoiding the job of adding the same price-list also on
At last, you will fix forever the overbooking problem, since our system will synchronize the calendars with in real time.

Why using the synchronization with

Save your time and solve the "overbooking" problem forever.

  •   Manage the availabilityusing a single calendar
  •   Add price-lists and special offers only once
  •   Manage the reservations made on straight from your private area
  •   Synchronization of the availability in real time, no risk of overbooking at last!
  •   View the details of the clients' credit card right from your private area

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