Customer Management - CRM

The emaling system integrated in VRBookings

Managing the tourists' requests, questions to be placed to the owners and all the messages related to a reservation.
When a request is sent by e-mail through a website, the message is automatically registered in our system and matched with a specific client. In this way you will get separate lists for the different types of contacts: clients, owners or agencies.
You can moreover enable each operator to manage all these events or just a part of them and possibly assign the correspondence by language.

The customers' archive

Each contact is filed with the relative emails and options/reservations
It is therefore possible to constantly view for each client the source of the contact, all the emails exchanged, his phones, options, reservations, possible cancellations.

The automatic messages

You can enable the automatic messages process according to the events which are taking place.
You can for instance send automatic reminders to your clients to solicit the payment of their balance, or email them before they arrive to remind them the address of the house and the check-in times. At the end of the stay, you can enable messages meant to solicit the clients' reviews.

Tourists' reviews

The comments provided by the tourists are managed by the system, allowing you to filter them and possibly providing a counter-comment from the owner.
In the questionnaires the client will be asked to provide a short info about each single feature of the house, and also textual comments for internal usage and a general comment to be published on the website connected with the accommodation.