Database Management - DBS

Management of all the VRBookings archives

The management of the database includes all the info about the properties, of both their interiors and outdoors, features, pictures, prices and special offers. The descriptions can be added in any language and the job is guided, to allow a simple and effective handling.

All the necessary archives are defined, such as the one of the owners for instance, or the one of portals or agencies, beside all the settings needed to manage both reservations and website.

The Property

A distinctive trait of our system is the possibility of managing a property with its units, in such a way that the description of the same is more clear and straightforward.
Each property may be made of an unlimited number of accommodations. There will consequently be a description of the shared areas, and the specific descriptions for each individual accommodation.
The main info groups for the properties are:

  •   Name and typology
  •   Locationing by GPS coordinates
  •   Amenities
  •   Descriptions sorted in separate fields and in the several languages
  •   Pictures
  •   The internet websites managed by the system where the property is published


For each unit related to a property the following fields can be managed:

  •   Description with the main features
  •   Possible special offers
  •   The concise features (amenities)
  •   Rates
  •   Descriptions
  •   Pictures


Each unit has its own daily calendar and you can manage:

  •   Reservations
  •   Options
  •   Not available periods
  •   Periods on request


If you deal with affiliates, being them portals or small local agents, you can get a full dedicated management of them.
Each of them can in its turn have a customized website and be able to add Options/Reservations into the system.


You can freely define the amenities to be published on the internet websites.
You can manage the description in any of the languages you are using.

Geographic areas and POI - Points of Interest

A complex system of the properties positioning has been created in order to optimize the search.
You can define some tourist areas within which you will locate your houses.
This allows you, in case of a search by tourist area, to spot the properties located right there and also the ones which in the radius you will decide.

More archives

You can manage beside the ones already mentioned an additional set of archives:

  •   Typology of the property
  •   Pre-set messages to be used in the correspondence
  •   Email management
  •   Management of the search pages in the websites
  •   Managemtn of the websites' customized pages