Reservation System – PMS

The engine of your business!

PMS – Properties Management System is the part of the system that allows you to manage reservations received from direct customers and from Portals/Affiliates.
Thanks to the integration with CRM - Customer relationship management, is allowed a perfect management of the daily work, handling information requests and reservation requests for every kind of customer.


Each option request or reservation request is automatically added in the archive.
In case of properties with booking online (that can be bookable directly without waiting a confirmation from the owner), the system executes automatically all the necessary steps, asking the payment to the customer, updating the availability, contacting the owner with a confirmation of the reservation.
In case of on request properties, an option that blocks temporary the availability is added and is sent a request to the owner asking an approval of the availability of the period.

Online payments management

The customer that made the reservation has an access to a private area where he can make online payments, download receipts, voucher and after the holiday can submit a review about the property.
Is possible to handle payments received through Wire Transfer or to process Credit Cards received by phone.

Receipt and payments status

For each reservation is available a resume about the status of the payments received from the customer and the payments done to the owners.
For reservations received through Portals/Affiliates is available a resume of the payments divided by expire date.

Portals and Affiliates management

Is possible to track reservations received from Portals/Affiliates, for each one of these reservations is possible to manage payments to be received or commissions to be paid.
A resume is available that allow you to manage payments received and payments to be done according to every expiry date.