Products and Services

For all who wants do join a worldwide website network that publish properties, not only giving the possibility to be represented, but also to offer other operators' properties to their customers, VRBookings Network is what you are searching for.
Our vacation rentals products divides in two macro packets in order to covers in a specific manner all need of those who approach the vacation rentals world.

VRBookings for Owners

"A fully integrated system for a better management of your vacation rental"

Calendar & Reservation

VRBookings Calendar & Reservations grants you total control of your Vacation Rental!

Channel Manager

Save your time and increase your business using VRBookings Channel Manager.

Personal Website

Adertise your properties with VRBookings Website or integrate your current website!

PMS Affiliates and Portals - CRM - CHANNEL MANAGER

"A fully integrated system for a professional management of your Vacation Rentals Business"

Hosting and Database

We think of everything!

  •   Management of archives on our servers
  •   Easy access and control
  •   Safety of the data

CRM - Correspondence Management

Organize your contacts in an effective way

  •   Clients' files with the complete correspondence
  •   Automatic messages linked to the events
  •   Automatic multilingual management

Advanced Channel Manager

Save your time and increase your business!

  •   Dozens of channels updated automatically
  •   Possibility of selecting properties for each channel
  •   Automatic capture of your reservations

Integrated website

You website always up-to-date

  •   Constantly updated website
  •   Easy and intuitive management of the contents
  •   Management of reviews and Blog

Management of Affiliates/Portals

Increase your business' performances

  •   Manage Affiliates and Portals in a professional way
  •   Checking the reservations and the payments
  •   Possibility of "White-Label" websites

VRBookings Import/Export

Export to your partners and Import from the network

  •   Possibility of integrating with VRBookings network
  •   Import properties to complete your offer
  •   Export your properties to others at favourable conditions

With VRBookings as your vacation rental software, your company will benefit from:

  • All our products are residing on our secure servers, both as archives and as programs.
  • The system is accessible from any computer connected to Internet.
  • A completely integrated system, with no need to ever update to new software or transfer data to a different system.
  • All archives are managed by us and backups are kept on our side: daily, weekly, monthly.
  • You can at any moment download your files to your own computer if you want to keep your own copies of your system.
  • The software is constantly updated and enhanced by our team of programmers.